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As Ed Hartley wrote below, we all want our Evergreen History to be accurate… so if you spot anything on this website that is in error or incomplete brand new — and you can help, please send everything you have or know to me.
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keepers of our past

Evergreen Historians (pics below):

Hub Stone, 1947-1962

Syd Young, 1962-1966

Keith Axline, 1974-1978

Ray Greaves, 1979-1995

Ed Hartley, 1995-2009

Ed Dierdorff Jr., 2008-2013

James Betteley, 2013-2022

Ken Galloway, 2022-current

Timbre Editors:

Hub Stone, 1947-1962

Bod Concie, 1962-1963

Hal Howland, 1964-1966

Bill Tobiassen, 1967

Bill Tobey, 1967-1971

Ross Hood, 1971-1974

Ray Heller, 1974-1978

Stubby Lahoski, 1979-1980

Mike Lanctot, 1981-1993

Ray Steckler / Rob Mitchell, 1994-1996

Reid Stewart, 1997-2006
Ken Galloway, 2006
 – no Timbres until 2012

Mike Lanctot, 2012-2015

Bob Robson / Jeff Billos, 2015-2019

Bob Robson / Allen Crowley, 2019-2022

Bob Robson / Doug Gardner, 2023-current

Hub Stone
Ray Greaves
Ed Hartley
Paul Extrom
Ed Dierdorff
Jim Betteley
Ken Galloway